Kyle Conroy

Making open source easy with Codespaces

As of today, if you have a GitHub account (with access to Codespaces), you can start contributing to sqlc in three minutes.

  1. Go to kyleconroy/sqlc
  2. Click the "Code" dropdown and click "New Codespace"
  3. Wait ~75 seconds
  4. Run make test
  5. Wait ~100 seconds
  6. Repeat

Are Codespaces perfect? Absolutely not. My personal laptop is about 4x faster than my Codespace VM. Iterating on the codespace configuration is slow, requiring a new codespace on every change. Codespaces, while built on open source, is not open source itself. If this was the only way to develop, you're tied completely to GitHub.

But good enough is amazing. A first-time contributor doesn't need to know anything about sqlc's development dependenceis. While there are only two (Go and Docker), a codespace will be ready in time before Docker Desktop finishes downloading. No need to worry about OS, system architecture, or conflicts with existing software.